Ordering, Forms, and Frequently Asked Questions


Leasing Rights   Purchasing a copy of a Her Own Words® DVD includes the right to show the DVD in classroom settings and small informal gatherings like brown bag lunches where no admission is charged.  However, purchasing a DVD does not automatically confer Public Performance Rights, Streaming Rights, or Broadcast Rights.  In addition to purchasing a physical DVD, all of these rights need to be formally leased and a time frame and other details agreed on. 

Public Performance Rights   These are rights that can be leased to show a DVD publicly such as in a museum setting or a large formal occasion like a Women’s History Month celebration open to the public.  We can negotiate either one-time rights or rights for a specific period of time.

Streaming Rights   These are rights to stream a digitized version of a DVD in a password-protected environment for a specific period of time.

Broadcast Rights   These are rights to broadcast a DVD on a network for a specific period of time.  We are happy to negotiate leasing broadcast rights on public television, free over-the-air networks, cable television, and other networks.

TO DISCUSS DETAILS   Please call 608-271-7083, or email us for more specific information.


Do you accept purchase orders?

Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, we are happy to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. We ask that you not email your credit card numbers, please call or fax them to us. 

Do you fold the posters for shipment?
No. The posters are never folded. We either ship them in tubes (for smaller orders) or flat in boxes (for larger orders).

Is it possible to have posters (or sets of posters) rolled into individual tubes before they are shipped to us?
Yes, we do this frequently. Just be sure to let us know ahead of time that this is how you would like them shipped.

Is customization of posters available?
Yes, we can customize posters providing you send us the artwork. Some of the posters accommodate customization better than others; call us for our recommendation of which posters are most suitable. We also recommend that you have us laminate customized posters.

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes. Please call to discuss a discount for a large-quantity order.

Will the copyright “watermarks” appear on the actual posters?

How can I place an order?
We accept purchase orders, phone orders, fax orders, mail orders and email orders.

Your Career Cards are the same size as a postcard, can they be mailed?
No, the Career Cards are not set up to be mailed, they are intended to be used as handouts to spark curiosity in nontraditional careers.

Is it possible to preview DVDs and Resource Guides?
Yes, we would be happy to send you any DVD or resource guide to preview. All we ask is that you either purchase the materials or return them in saleable condition. We will send you as many of the DVDs on preview as you would like, but will send only one sample resource guide due to shipping weight. Previews are free.

Can Perkins funds be used to purchase Her Own Words Women in Nontraditional
Careers posters, DVDs, and resource guides?

Yes, many of our customers use Perkins funds in support of their programs encouraging participation in exploration and training for nontraditional careers. Specifically, our materials are helpful in satisfying these Perkins IV core indicators: Section 113(b) Core Indicators of Performance: Secondary 6S1 - Nontraditional Participation and 6S2 - Nontraditional Completion. Postsecondary 5P1 - Nontraditional Participation and 5P2 - Nontraditional Completion. This information was excerpted from the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network (PCRN ) website.

If I have already purchased the 17-DVD box set and I purchase the new Women in Manufacturing DVD, can I get a new box that will hold all 18 DVDs?
Yes, we will be happy to send you a new box for the 18-DVD set. Please be sure to mention in your order that you have already purchased the 17-DVD box set.

Are all of the DVDs closed captioned?

How much is shipping and handling?
If a check accompanies the order, shipping/handling is FREE. Otherwise, shipping/ handling is 7% of the order total.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Checks should be made payable to Her Own Words, LLC.

Is a purchase order number necessary?

Is Her Own Words, LLC the sole source of the Her Own Words® and Women in Nontraditional Careers DVDs, resource guides, and posters?
Yes, Her Own Words, LLC is the sole source of the Her Own Words® and Women in Nontraditional Careers DVDs, resource guides, and posters. There is a button on this website that links to a sole source letter. If you need the letter to have today’s date, please let us know and we will be happy to furnish a new letter. We can also have the sole-source letter notarized if requested.

Do the NontraditionalCareers.com and HerOwnWords.com websites represent the same company?
Yes. Her Own Words, LLC, has two websites. One website, NontraditionalCareers.com, focuses on Women in Nontraditional Careers. The other website, HerOwnWords.com, focuses on American women's history. Jocelyn Riley is the producer of all of the materials on both websites and is the founder and owner of Her Own Words, LLC.

Why do you have a poster headlined 92,000 Hours? What does 92,000 Hours mean?
The average person will work approximately 92,000 hours over the course of a career.

Who are the women shown on the Women in Nontraditional Careers posters?
All of the images of women shown on the Women in Nontraditional Careers posters are original photographs of women at work, not “stock photos.” All of the women highlighted on the posters work in the fields portrayed; none of them are models. All of the quotations are also authentic and original.

How long are the Women in Nontraditional Careers DVDs?
The DVDs are 15 minutes each, making them an ideal length to show as part of a class or career-fair presentation.