Shifting Gears: Changing Careers

Shifting Gears: Changing Careers


Includes biographies of the 19 women in nontraditional careers who tell their stories in the 15-minute DVD Shifting Gears: Changing Careers.

Many began their working lives doing jobs that are considered "traditional" for women, including waitress, food service, and retail clerk. For a variety of reasons, each found her original career choice unfulfilling. In some cases, they liked their earlier careers but just couldn't support themselves and their children with the money they made or the hours proved too difficult. Others wanted to work outside rather than inside and found that nontraditional careers offered more options to be outside. "I was a food-service manager for ten years," says a woman who now runs an earth-mover on highway-construction sites. "I was in charge of sixty people and I was in charge of menus and purchasing food and all that stuff. And the funny thing is, whenever I was sitting in my office, I was always looking out the window. That office just crawled in on me and cramped me." She is much happier in her new career.

The resource guide includes the full script of the DVD, as well as viewing notes and a section called Discussion Starters and Discussion Questions designed to stimulate more general discussions about work and nontraditional careers.

Resource Guide has 114 pages.

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