Women in Electronics

Women in Electronics


Includes biographies of the nine women workers who tell their stories in the 15-minute DVD Women in Electronics.

There are many opportunities today for careers in electronics and the field is open to both men and women. As one woman says, "I would just really encourage parents and young girls and young women to think broadly about the opportunities that are available to them and not just mechanically go into traditionally female disciplines. I think traditionally female disciplines can be very rewarding and may well be the right fit and an excellent choice. But I would like for people to make that decision based on their passions, what they really want to do, and not based on stereotypes or mythologies or prejudices about what people can and can't do."

The resource guide includes the full script of the DVD, as well as viewing notes and a section called Discussion Starters and Discussion Questions designed to stimulate more general discussions about work and nontraditional careers.

Resource Guide has 114 pages.

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