Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering


Includes biographies of the 13 women engineers who tell their stories in the 15-minute DVD Women in Engineering.

They work on a wide variety of projects, ranging from designing commercial baked goods and the machines that make them to designing wastewater treatment plants, highways, and even roller coasters. What engineers actually do on the job can seem mysterious sometimes, but one woman in the DVD has a simple description. "Engineering is solving problems and being able to convey your solution so that someone else can understand it well enough to manufacture it or follow your instructions. To be able to think sequentially and convey your ideas is just as important as having the ideas in the first place. The most satisfying thing about being an engineer has got to be seeing the finished product."

The resource guide includes the full script of the DVD, as well as viewing notes and a section called Discussion Starters and Discussion Questions designed to stimulate more general discussions about work and nontraditional careers.

Resource Guide has 114 pages.

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