Media Leasing Rights

The media programs in the Her Own Words® series on Women in Nontraditional Careers are available for short-term and long-term leasing. Many of our customers lease the right to narrowcast some or all of the programs to multiple campuses, for example, or to make the programs available for individual use in a career center or from home.

Public Performance

Rights that can be leased to show a program publicly such as in a museum setting or a large formal occasion like a Women’s History Month celebration open to the public. We can negotiate either one-time rights or rights for a specific period of time.


Rights to stream a digitized version of a program in a password-protected environment for a specific period of time.

Broadcast and Narrowcast

Rights to broadcast or narrowcast a program on a network for a specific period of time. We are happy to negotiate leasing broadcast or narrowcast rights on public television, free over-the-air networks, cable television, campus, and other networks.

NOTE: Purchasing a copy of a Her Own Words® DVD includes the right to show the DVD in classroom settings and small informal gatherings like brown bag lunches where no admission is charged. However, purchasing a DVD does not automatically confer Public Performance Rights, Streaming Rights, or Broadcast Rights. In addition to purchasing a physical DVD, all of these rights need to be formally leased and a time frame, user access, and other details agreed on.


Please call 608-271-7083, or email us for more specific information.