Women in Agriculture

Women in Agriculture


The Women in Agriculture DVD features nineteen women who work in a variety of different agricultural careers.

They include dairy farmers, vegetable, fruit, and flower growers and sellers, a cheesemaker and a cheese seller, a honey producer, women who raise sheep, chickens, turkeys, and fish, and an agricultural broadcaster/journalist. They work in a variety of settings and present a diversity of views on agricultural life, from production to wholesale to retail.

DVD length: 15 minutes


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Women in Agriculture DVD:
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“Agriculture is such an exciting field. Whether you like science or math or history or English, there is something that fits related to agriculture. Whether you like dealing with people or you want to sit behind a desk or you want to deal with animals, the opportunities are there in agriculture. And how exciting is that? It's the outdoors and it's animals and it's crops and it's just such an exciting field to be in. It's always changing; it's dynamic. The world relies on agriculture. We feed the world, so it's a field that's not going to go away. Sometimes you worry, oh, will this job be here in twenty years? Oh, some form of agriculture will be there, don't worry. It may change some, but it has to be there.”