Women in Manufacturing

Women in Manufacturing


Features fourteen women who work in a wide variety of factories both large and small, including custom metal fabrication, structural steel fabrication, and manufacturers of nanopositioning systems, waterbeds for cows, canoe and kayak paddles, cast-iron skillets, and a consumer packaged goods company.

DVD length: 15 minutes


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From Women in Manufacturing DVD:
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“Manufacturing is the greatest wealth-creator for any country. If you make things and then you sell them--either within your own geography, within your country--or you export them, you’re creating wealth.”

“We’ve had individuals here who started as fork truck drivers who became quality managers, who started as order entry clerks who became operation managers--so it is an opportunity.”

“Having this technical background has opened up huge possibilities for me as a person. It has provided a very secure financial background for me.”

“I like the challenges that the manufacturing environment gives you, because you can go different places. To me, if you work in an office, you’re just kind of stuck at your desk doing the same thing.”

“You get to go home feeling like you’ve accomplished something.”