Shifting Gears: Changing Careers

Shifting Gears: Changing Careers


Nineteen women are interviewed who have shifted from jobs considered more traditional for women, such as food-service, clerical, CNA, and childcare, to careers considered nontraditional for women including heavy-equipment operator, engineer, and electrician.

“All the women speak frankly about their former working lives, why they wanted a change, how they accomplished that change and what its benefits have been” – EMRO.

DVD length: 15 minutes


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“Whenever I was sitting in my office, I was always looking out the window. That office just crawled in on me,” says a woman who now works as a heavy-equipment operator after ten years as a food-service supervisor.

Another woman who is now a painter hated working in an office, even though she made good money at a desk job. “When I decided to leave that job and come into the trades, I had to take a real big pay cut to start out. But now I make twice as much. And I do something now that I enjoy. And when I get up in the morning, I can go in and be at peace with myself and get a paycheck and help support my family and be happy about doing it.”