Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering


Thirteen engineers whose work includes rollercoasters, wastewater-treatment plants, commercial packaged baked goods manufacturing, human resources, power utilities, telecommunications, tractors, and streambed improvement.

"Invaluable for math, science, and career curriculums; an excellent purchase" - School Library Journal.

"An interesting and useful reflection of women's issues and the workplace environment" - InfoTech.

DVD length: 15 minutes


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From Women in Engineering DVD:
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“Engineering is solving problems and being able to convey your solution so that someone else can understand it well enough to manufacture it or follow your instructions. . . . The most satisfying thing about being an engineer has got to be seeing the finished product. Every project is different. That’s the great thing about being an engineer, unlike some things where you have to repetitively do the same thing over and over.”

“I’ve never been bored with my job. You might be doing calculations, but you also do a lot of project management, where you are helping define what the customer wants. You may be traveling. We’re too busy to be bored.”

“I spend a lot of time in the plant actually working with the equipment, seeing products run, and then the real beauty of it is actually being able to go into a grocery store and picking up a product you worked on.”

“Engineering for me is like one big puzzle. I really enjoy it. Every day you go in, there’s something new.”

“My real love is in lighting design, and lighting design is part of electrical design for buildings. . . . Lighting can motivate people; it can make people more productive, or it can unfortunately, if not designed properly, cause problems for people in the workplace. So my goal is to integrate my lighting design within their architecture.”

“I mainly design roadways. I used to design airports and I have done some work with utilities and railroads.”

“As a civil engineer, the best part of it is that you’re providing services to the public. You’re dealing with very practical things that we all have to deal with on a daily basis.”

“I think I am happier since I graduated out of an engineering program. I think it has given me a level of confidence that I thought I could never attain. I love engineering.”