Women in Electronics

Women in Electronics


Women in Electronics features nine women who work in a variety of different electronics careers including electrical engineers, electronics technicians, and an author of technical books on electronics.

“An excellent introduction” – EMRO.

DVD length: 15 minutes


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Contrary to some stereotypes, "science and engineering are ultimately creative," says an electrical engineer..."You're creating new knowledge, you're creating new designs, you're creating new approaches. We didn't have cell phones thirty years ago and someone had to create that whole concept."She adds that there is more to creating a new product than just having an idea. "Also then actually creating the designs, creating the strategies for building those products and then building the infrastructure, like if you're going to build cellphones somebody has to create cellphone towers and repeater stations to get the signals out. So there's a lot of creativity."

An electronics technician who does not have an advanced degree emphasizes that she works extensively with electrical engineers. "They're a fascinating bunch of people to work for," she says. "It's a lot of fun to work with people who are very, very smart and to watch what they can do when they combine forces to create something."